How to Reset a Chip in a Samsung Printer CLP-315

By Ray Padgett

The key to resetting a Samsung CLP-315 chip is knowing the printer's IP address.
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Some printer errors offer obvious solutions. For a paper jam, you need to remove the paper. If your ink is low, you need to refill it. Other errors, though, are more confusing. For many of these, resetting the printer chip will solve the problem. On a Samsung CLP-315 LaserJet network printer, doing so is easy. This will put the chip back to factory settings, eliminating many internal problems.

Turn on the printer and your computer. Be sure they are securely connected.

Hold down the printer's "Stop" button (shaped like a triangle) for at least five seconds. A Network Configuration page should print out, showing the printer's IP address. Even if it doesn't, the IP address with display on the printer monitor. Write it down.

Open a Web browser and enter the IP address after "http://." For instance, "" Hit "Enter." You will be taken to Samsung's SyncThru Web Service. Note that since this is all happening locally, you do not actually need to be connected to the Internet for this to work.

Click "Reset."

Click "Clear."

Restart the printer. The chip has now been reverted to factory settings.