How to Reset a Cell Phone Security Code

By Kenyonda Bradley

Reset the security code on your cell phone to keep hackers and thieves from accessing your information.
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Password protecting your cell phone is wise. Thieves, hackers and sometimes even your friends may try to gain entry into your cellular phone. Resetting your security code will prevent anyone who does not know the password from gaining entry into your phone. Many mobile phones come equipped with the ability to reset the security code directly from the device. Resetting your security code is rather easy and takes a short amount of time.

Open the "Settings" or "Options" menu on your phone.

Navigate to "Security," and then select the option "Password" or "Lock."

Select the option to change the password.

Enter your old password in the appropriate field, and then re-enter your new password in the appropriate field.

Re-enter your new password or security code, if prompted.

Press the "OK" or "Enter" key to reset your password.