How to Reset a Browser Setting on an HP Pavilion

by Travis Larson

Web browsers contain various settings that allow you to customize the way the program looks and functions. If your Web browser is no longer functioning correctly after changing settings, you may need to reset the browser's settings. This restores all options to the default settings that are used when the program is installed. Resetting the settings of one browser does not affect the settings of another browser, and each browser must be reset individually.

Internet Explorer


Open Internet Explorer, then click "Tools," then click "Internet options." This opens the "Internet options" window.


Click the "Advanced" tab in the "Internet options" window.


Click "Reset." This opens a confirmation window.


Click "Reset" to confirm the action.


Restart Internet Explorer to apply the changes.

Mozilla Firefox


Close all Firefox windows.


Click "Start," "All Programs," "Mozilla Firefox," "Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)." This opens Firefox and the "Firefox safe mode" dialog box.


Click "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults," then click "Make changes and reset."

Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome, then click the wrench icon, then click "Options." This opens the "Google Chrome options" window.


Click the "Under the hood" tab in the "Google Chrome options" window.


Click "Reset to defaults."

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