How to Reset a Blaupunkt Stereo

By Allen Coleman

Blaupunkt is a manufacturer of car audio products for sale around the world. You can get your Blaupunkt serviced or repaired in the United States at an authorized service center. However, there are times that your deck problem could be remedied with a simple reset, which could save you time and money. To reset your deck you will need to remove it from the dash. For that, you will need Blaupunkt deck-removal tools.

Insert the deck removal tools into the slots in the corners of the radio and push the tools outward, away from the stereo. This will release the deck from its cage.

Pull out the deck until the wire harness in the back is visible.

Disconnect the power to the deck by unplugging the wire harness from the back of the deck. There is a plastic clip on the bottom of the plug. Lift up on the tab and pull the plug out of the deck.

Wait one minute.

Push the harness back into the deck until you hear a click.

Slide the deck back into the dashboard. Push it all the way into the dash until you hear a click.

Turn the deck on.