How to Reset a BlackBerry Touch

by Amy McClain

BlackBerry touch-screen devices -- such as the Torch, Storm and Bold 9900 -- use BlackBerry's SurePress technology. When it comes to resetting your touch-screen BlackBerry, you have a couple of different options. The first -- a hard reset -- powers off your device completely and then restarts it. A hard reset can be helpful if you're experiencing a problem with your device. The second option is a master reset, or security wipe. This option resets the BlackBerry back to factory default settings and deletes all information, including contacts, messages and photos.

Hard Reset

Slide the battery cover off the back of your phone.

Pull the battery out of the battery compartment. The phone will turn off -- wait about five seconds.

Place the battery back in the battery compartment, making sure the metal contacts are lined up. Slide the battery cover back on the phone until it clicks into place. Your BlackBerry will power back on -- this can take two to three minutes.

Master Reset (Security Wipe)

Touch the "Options" icon, then touch "Security."

Touch "Security Wipe." The "Security Wipe" window will open.

Touch the check boxes next to each option you wish to erase. Options include Contacts and Emails, User Installed Applications and Media Card.

Touch the field below "Confirmation." A cursor appears. Type the word "blackberry."

Touch the "Wipe Data" button located on the bottom of the screen. The master reset will begin. This can take up to an hour -- do not attempt to remove the battery or turn your phone off during this time. Your BlackBerry will reboot when the process is complete.

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