How to Reset a Blackberry Curve When It Doesn't Turn On

By Scott Shpak

If your Blackberry Curve suddenly shows nothing but a black screen, don't panic just yet. Though the Curve represents older smartphone technology, there are several steps -- such as checking the battery and making sure it is charging properly -- you can take before declaring your Blackberry Curve dead. If all else fails, consulting a cell phone technician may prevent the need for replacement.

Battery Check and Hard Reset

Step 1

Remove the back cover from your Curve by lifting the cover at the indent toward the bottom with your fingernail. Remove the battery by pulling it towards you from the top.

Step 2

Examine the battery for irregularities such as leaks or deformity. Sometimes failing power cells swell slightly, preventing the back cover from closing tightly. If anything is wrong with the battery's appearance, replace it with the same model of battery.

Replace the battery and the back cover. Check the front of the phone. If the LED in the upper right lights briefly and the Blackberry logo and progress bar display, then you have hard reset your Curve. If not, proceed to the following section to confirm that your battery is charging properly.

Check Battery Charging

Step 1

Connect your charger to the Curve's port. When the Curve is off, the LED on the front slowly flashes amber. If your LED is flashing, leave the phone to charge for one hour, and then remove the battery as in the previous section to reset your phone.

Step 2

Use another recharging cable if the LED does not flash amber. The Curve uses a micro-USB connector. Chargers are commonly available for wall, car and computer USB ports. If an alternate charger causes the LED to flash amber, leave the phone to charge for an hour, and then remove the battery as in the previous section to reset your phone.

Consult a technician if none of the chargers charge your phone. The problem may still be with the battery -- even if it has no visible signs of deterioration -- or it may be with the phone itself. A reputable technician can diagnose and advise you of cost-effective options.