How to Reset an Audi Radio Code

By Zach Dexter

Audis come equipped with anti-theft mechanisms that can affect your radio.
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A car radio is one of those devices that you just expect will work when you need it to. Silent road trips are generally not enjoyable. However, if you own an Audi and just replaced the battery, or had some similar maintenance procedure done, you might find that when you turn your car on your radio display says "SAFE" and none of the buttons seem to work. That's an anti-theft mechanism and to unlock your radio you will need to obtain and correctly enter its security code.

Find the exact model of your Audi's radio, which is usually printed on the front of the radio. To double-check, either contact your Audi dealer or visit the online list of Audi radios, complete with photos.

Contact your Audi dealer to obtain the anti-theft code that corresponds with your radio's model. This code will usually be 4 digits, though with some codes the first digit is blank.

Press the 2-button combination that triggers your radio's unlocking sequence. For example, if your radio is a Delta, press and hold "AM" and "ARI-Z" simultaneously until the display flashes "CODE," then immediately release. After a pause, the display will flash "1000."

Use the numbered preset buttons to enter the code obtained from your Audi dealer. For example, if your code is "1572," press the "1" preset button once, the "2" button 5 times, the "3" button 7 times and then press the "4" button twice. These numbers should appear on your radio's display as you enter them.

Press and hold the 2-button combination from Step 3 until the radio's display flashes "CODE." Your radio should unlock at this point.