How to Reset an AT&T GoPhone When the Passcode Has Been Forgotten

by Rob Clarkson
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AT&T GoPhone uses a PIN code security system to verify user accounts and prevent fraudulent activity and activation. Each user has a unique PIN code that can be reset in the event that it is lost or forgotten by the account holder. GoPhones also have security PUK codes that are required when an incorrect passcode is entered into a phone too many times, rendering the phone unusable.

Resetting a PIN Code

Step 1

Call AT&T Customer Care by dialing 611 on your phone.

Step 2

Follow the automated prompts to speak directly to a representative.

Verify the first and last name on the account and request to have your PIN code reset.

Resetting a PUK Code

Step 1

Call AT&T Customer Care using an accessible phone. The direct telephone number is 1-800-331-0500.

Step 2

Follow the automated prompts or enter the # key multiple times to speak with a representative.

Inform the representative that your device needs a PUK code. After he has validated the PIN on the account, you will receive the needed passcode to unlock the device.


  • Don't attempt to guess a PUK or PIN code as this may completely disable device functions or discontinue certain AT&T services.


  • Quickly reset a GoPhone PIN code or PUK code by visiting any corporate retail AT&T store.
  • Write down PIN and PUK codes in a safe location.


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