How to Reset HP 60 Cartridge Ink Levels

By Alexis Lawrence

Reset HP 60 Cartridge Ink Levels
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Though refilling your HP 60 printer cartridges can save you money, it can also create a problem if your HP printer monitors the amount of ink left in each cartridge. Printers that monitor cartridge ink levels automatically reset when a new cartridge is installed. However, with refilled HP 60 cartridges, the printer system often fails to automatically reset, which causes the printer to display a "low ink" message even when the cartridge is full. To prevent this issue, you must reset the cartridge ink levels after each refill.

Extra Cartridge Method

Purchase two new HP 60 cartridges. Do not use these cartridges. Keep the cartridges for future resets.

Place the refilled HP 60 printer cartridge into your printer. When the box indicating a new cartridge appears on the screen of the computer connected to the printer, click the option to print a test page.

Replace the refilled cartridge with the first new HP 60 cartridge. Print a test page. Then, replace the first new cartridge with the second new cartridge and print a test page.

Return the refilled HP 60 cartridge to the printer and print the test page when prompted. The ink level should appear as full.

Tape Method

Place the HP 60 cartridge on a covered surface so that the metal contacts on the cartridge are facing you. Put tape over the top metal contact in the second column from the left-hand side, making sure the other contacts do not get covered.

Put the HP 60 cartridge back into the HP printer. Print a test page when prompted.

Take the cartridge out of the printer. Leave the tape on the contact that is already covered and also cover the top contact in the column at the far right, making sure no other contact gets covered in the process.

Return the cartridge to the printer again. Print a test page.

Remove the cartridge from the printer again, remove the tape from the metal contacts, and return the cartridge to the printer. Print the test page and the printer should read the cartridge as full.