How to Resend a Confirmation Code

by Prudence Farrow

To prevent fraud, websites put up an extra layer of security. The sites verify users' identities or devices with a confirmation code. However, sometimes the confirmation code gets lost and it needs to be resent.

Verify that you have the original confirmation code. Wait a couple minutes to see if it arrived in your email inbox and check your spam filter as well. If the confirmation code is to activate a device, such as a mobile phone, check the device.

Return to the site issuing your confirmation code. If you log in with your account, you will usually see a prompt telling you to verify your identity. On the same page, there should be a prompt for users who have not received a confirmation code.

Click on the link provided to resend the confirmation code. Verify your email address or your phone number.


  • close Never give out information to a suspicious website. Be sure passwords for your accounts are unique.

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