How to Re-register a SIM Card & Change the Number

by Jonathan McLelland
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A SIM card, also known as a Subscriber Identity Module, is a portable memory chip utilized by cell phones to hold personal information such as cell phone numbers, your phone number and other personal data. SIM cards are utilized by the majority of cellular providers. Re-registering a SIM card and altering its anchored phone number may be done by contacting the customer service department of your cell phone service provider.

Step 1

Write down the SIM card identification number. This ID number may be found on the actual SIM card. Remove the SIM card from the cell phone, and you will see a series of numbers up to 16-digits long.

Step 2

Contact the customer service department for your cell service provider. Inform the customer service representative you wish to re-register the SIM card and change the number associated with this card. The customer service representative may inquire about the reason behind this request. Explain your reason, such as receiving too many wrong phone calls or you moved to a new state. Note that you may be charged a fee to re-register the SIM card and change the number.

Step 3

Provide the customer service representative with the SIM card identification number. Once the representative has entered this information you will be required to give him your name, address and other identifying information to re-register the card.

Turn off your cell phone when the representative instructs you to, and wait until the representative gives you permission to turn on the device. The representative will inform you of the new cell number and registration information for the SIM card.


  • Do not request to re-register and change the phone number of a SIM if the card does not belong to you, or if you have not received permission from its previous owner.


  • Keep your cell phone turned off until a new number is given to you. An active cell phone may disrupt communication between the cellular provider and the SIM card.


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