How to Request to Change Your Age on Facebook

by Kirk Bennet
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When you create a Facebook account, you're asked to provide your date and year of birth. If you entered a wrong date of birth when you filled out the Facebook Sign Up form, Facebook displays the wrong age on your profile until you change your age. Receiving "Happy Birthday" messages from your friends before or after your date of birth is annoying. You can update your age a limited number of times, so make sure you enter the correct one.

Step 1

Navigate to Facebook, log in to your account and navigate to your Timeline. Click the "About" link to start editing your profile.

Step 2

Click the "Edit" button in the "Basic Info" box.

Step 3

Select your correct date of birth in the Birthday section of the page.

Step 4

Select the "I confirm my age is..." option to confirm your age.

Click the "Save" button to update the date of birth and change your age on Facebook.


  • You may have to wait a few days before you can change the Facebook age again, in case you selected the wrong date of birth a second time.


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