How to Reprogram a Laptop

By LaTasha Rogers

Reprogramming your laptop involves either updating your current operating system or re-installing the operating system. Reprogramming is necessary when operating systems are not working properly. Sometimes you cannot avoid system issues, such as viruses, malware or corrupted files that slow or more seriously hamper computer performance. Reprogramming your laptop can extend the life of your laptop and save you from purchasing a replacement.

Turn on the laptop.

Insert the operating system disk into your CD drive. Restart you laptop.

Press any key when the "Press any key to boot from CD" command appears on the black screen.

Allow the CD to load the files and settings. Wait until it brings you to a blue screen and press the "Enter" key to begin set-up.

Agree to the license agreement by pressing the "F8" key once you have read it.

Select the operating system that you are planning to install or re-install and select "Enter."

Enter the product key in the box and select "Next" on the computer screen.

Follow the instructions to complete the reprogramming process