How to reprogram a Bright House universal remote

by Tara Kimball

The universal remote provided with your Bright House cable converter will manage four electronic devices in addition to your cable box. Program your television, DVD or other media player, and any other electronics to save the clutter of multiple remotes. Use the auto search feature to program the remote to eliminate the need for a large list of device manufacturer codes.

Step 1

Turn on the device you want to connect to the universal remote.

Step 2

Press the corresponding device button on your remote. For example, if you want to program your TV to the remote, press the "TV" button. Press and hold "SETUP" until the device button blinks twice then release it.

Step 3

Press "9-9-1" and watch for the device button to blink twice.

Step 4

Point the remote control at the device. Press and release "PWR." Press and release the "CH+" button repeatedly with a pause between each one.

Press "SETUP" once to lock the code when the device turns off. Watch for the device button to blink once.


  • If you do not see the proper blinking light after a step, this indicates that programming is not working properly. Start over to connect your device to the remote.


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