How to Reprint Checks in Great Plains

By Dan Gaz

A few keystrokes and you'll be printing your own checks.
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Microsoft's Great Plains accounting software will help to meet all your accounting needs. One thing Great Plains can do is print and re-print checks, for your business use. Following a few easy directions is all you need to do to print your own checks in a snap.

Setting the Print Format

Step 1

Open the Check Printing Setup window. Go to Menu, Tools, Setup, Purchasing, Check Printing and Setup.

Step 2

Select a bank account identification and a checkbook identification and enter a report number. According to Microsoft, "this number refers to the format of the report generated."

Step 3

Enter the number of checks to be printed per sheet in the "Number of Checks per Sheet" field.

Step 4

Check both the "Use Page Header" and "Use Page Footer" boxes and click "OK" to save this particular format for the bank account identification selected.

Printing Checks

Step 1

Open the check printing window. Go to Menu, Tools, Utilities, Purchasing and Check Printing.

Step 2

Select the bank account identification and the checkbook identification, as well as the "Allow Reprint" option. You can also select whether to display transactions with an "Open" or "Work" status.

Step 3

Enter/select both the starting and ending document number for the range of documents to be displayed in the "Document Number From/To" field.

Step 4

Mark the "Include Voided" and "Select All" check boxes, if you would like to include both voided documents and mark all the method identifications displayed in the scrolling window.

Step 5

Enter the next check to be printed in the "Next Check to Print" field. Microsoft recommends "entering a number less than or equal to the number entered in the Number of 'Checks per Sheet' field in the 'Check Printing Setup' window."

Step 6

Choose the Redisplay option to refresh the information that is displayed in the scrolling window. This window displays all the transactions that fall within the the selected range.

Step 7

Choose "Print" to print your checks.