How to Report Phone Trouble to AT&T

by Rhiana Quick
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If you are experiencing problems with your phone or your phone service from the provider AT&T, you should make every effort to contact the company to help expedite a resolution to your problem. You pay for a service and a level of customer support, so there are multiple avenues of communication that will help you report issues with your phone to AT&T. These include online support, help call centers and in-store assistance.

Step 1

Review your account information. Determine if you purchased a warranty on your phone, and whether the warranty is still valid. This information will come in handy in the event that you need to replace a faulty phone.

Step 2

Visit the support section of the AT&T website. The website is a quick and easy way to report the trouble you are having with your phone and to work with the company to find the best remedy. The AT&T Answer Center has a device troubleshooting guide that can help walk you through solutions to many common device difficulties and malfunctions.

Step 3

Call AT&T directly. Trained customer service associates will help with your phone problems. If troubleshooting does not remedy your phone trouble, the customer support operators can help you determine the best course of action.

Visit your local AT&T store. Ask a technician to look over your phone and assist with any troubleshooting and diagnosis.


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