How to Report Phishing to Yahoo

By Joshua Phillips

Reporting phishing attempts helps Yahoo remove the threat for other users.
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Microsoft defines phishing as a "type of online identity theft" that uses fake emails to steal confidential account information. For example, you may receive a message in your Yahoo Mail account asking for your account name and password from someone identifying him or herself as an official Yahoo employee. Reporting the phishing attempt to Yahoo, if the sender used a Yahoo account, enables the company to take action against the sender. Not only can you mark the email as spam in your Yahoo Mail account, you also can report it directly to Yahoo via an online form.

Mark Yahoo Mail As Spam

Step 1

Click the box next to each email you want to mark as spam in your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2

Click the icon of a downward-pointing arrow to the right of the "Spam" button at the top of the Inbox.

Step 3

Click "Report a Phishing Scam" to both report the email to Yahoo and move the email into your "Spam" folder.

Report Spam To Yahoo Via Form

Step 1

Navigate to the "Got Spam? Report It Here" website.

Step 2

Paste the full header of the email you are reporting into the first field. You can obtain the full header of an email in Yahoo Mail by opening the email in question, clicking "Actions" at the top of the email and clicking "View Full Header" from the menu.

Step 3

Paste the full contents of the email you are reporting into the second field.

Step 4

Click "Submit" to report the phishing attempt to Yahoo.