How to Report a Harassing Call

By Nicholas Smith

Report harassing phone calls to your local police department or mobile provider.
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Although having a home or mobile phone allows you the convenience of keeping in touch with friends, family and business partners, the service comes with disadvantages. One of the disadvantages are harassing phone calls from people that you know or don't know. You may seek help with these calls from several entities. For example, you mobile provider can provide various solutions to the problem. They may have you press a code to track the harassing calls after you receive them, among other solutions.

Immediately during or after the call, write down as much information about the call as possible. For example, write the time and date of the call, the caller's gender, a description of the caller's voice, what the caller said, the caller's approximate age, any speech impediments or any background noise. Additionally, write down the phone number if it is displayed on your caller identification screen.

File a report with your local police department. The report is important in case you need to subpoena your phone company for the caller's information. Without a subpoena it will be difficult for you to learn the identity of your caller. Visit your local police station or call your local police department's non-emergency number of your life or property is not threatened. Otherwise, dial 911 immediately to report the situation.

Report the harassing call to your home or cell phone company. Reach your provider's customer service by dialing 611. The phone service provider will offer you several solutions depending on the provider's policies. For example the provider may direct you to file a police report. Alternatively the provider may have you track the phone number by pressing a specific code after you receive the call. The provider may transfer you to a division dedicated to dealing with such calls. Follow the provider's instructions.