How to Report Email Hacking

By Mary Jane

Email hacking can occur anywhere in the world.
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Sending emails back and forth opens up opportunities for email hackers. This is a common occurrence and often targets private as well as corporate users. Since email hacking happens on a daily basis, email providers and Internet services providers often have procedures in place to deal with such issues. If you believe your email has been hacked by an unwanted individual, a report is not difficult to make.

Contact your email service provider as soon as you discover your account has been hacked. For example, contact Google if your account is with Gmail, or MSN if your account is a Hotmail address. If your account is through an Internet service provider, such as Rogers, contact Rogers to let them know of the hacking.

Include all of the relevant information, such as time of discovery of the hacking, time of last login prior to the discovery and any emails that may have surfaced as a result of the hacking.

Find the agency that has jurisdiction over the hacking crime, which you can often determine by the registered address of the email address. The proper agency is often the local police department or county office. While the service providers will launch one investigation, the police department will launch their own investigation.

File and report a computer hacker form online through the IC3 agency, also known as the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This complaint should be filed after you report the incident to the police because the center often works with the authorities to solve the crime.

Inquire about obtaining additional protection from your service provider as well as from the local police department that is handling the case. Provide as much information to them as possible.