How to Replace a Toshiba Laptop On/Off Switch

By Cee Jay

A laptop will not boot if the on/off switch is broken.
i Boton on-off image by ANTEQUERANUS from

The on/off button on Toshiba laptops are usually flat and suffer little wear and tear. That doesn't mean that they can't break, however, or get damaged due to moisture or other liquids spilled on the keyboard. If there is liquid damage, replacing the switch may not help, as the motherboard might be the culprit. In any case, if the switch is the only thing that doesn't work, replace it with a different one to isolate the problem.

Order a new switch from Toshiba (see Resources) or search for an identical, broken laptop with a working switch on a website like eBay. Take out the salvaged switch in the same manner identified in the remaining steps.

Flip the Toshiba over and locate the black switch on the battery pack. Slide the switch until the battery pops out. Remove the battery and make sure the power adapter is disconnected from the wall.

Place the laptop on a table and turn it upside down.

Remove every screw on the bottom.

Turn the laptop right side up, then locate the plastic strip just above the keyboard (select models). Older models might have a wider strip with the power button built in. Take the strip out with the butter knife by prying along the sides.

Remove the four screws just above the keyboard where the strip was.

Use the butter knife to press along the edges of the keyboard. The tiny tabs will release it when they are pressed.

Lift the keyboard slightly and locate the thin cable connecting it to the motherboard. It will be beneath the keyboard, directly in the middle. Grasp both sides and pull upwards to release it. Alternatively, use tweezers to gently remove the cable.

Place the keyboard aside and take out any screws below it. The top and bottom frame of the laptop should be loose at this point.

Separate the top frame from the bottom and locate the on/off switch on the upper left.

Loosen the button by detaching the cable that connects it to the motherboard. Insert the new switch and cable into the slot.

Replace everything in reverse order.