How to Replace & Install the Waste Toner Tank in a Samsung CLX-3160FN

By Irene A. Blake

The waste toner tank on your Samsung CLX-3160FN multifunction color laser printer collects excess toner during print processes. After approximately 1,250 full color 5 percent printouts or 5,000 standard color printouts, the waste tank fills completely and a "Replace Waste Toner" alert appears on the control panel display. When you see this alert, you must access the full, used tank via the printer's front cover to remove the tank and replace it with an empty new tank to continue printing.

Lay three sheets of stacked paper or a plastic bag on the tabletop to the right or left of your Samsung CLX-3160FN.

Flip the front cover toward you on its hinges so that it lays flat on the tabletop in front of your printer.

Grasp the handle on the L-shaped waste toner tank located to the left of the printer's four toner cartridge canisters. Pull the tank carefully straight out from the printer and place it so that it faces you standing like an upright "L" on the stacked paper or plastic bag.

Pull the cap from the left side of the waste toner tank and seal it over the opening at the back of the tank. Set the tank aside for disposal.

Remove a new replacement waste toner tank from its packaging. Pull the cap from the back of the tank and transfer it to the left side, pushing it carefully until it fits snug in place.

Slide the new waste toner tank into the empty slot to the left of the four toner cartridge canisters. Push the tank into the slot firmly to make certain that it fits securely inside your printer.

Close the front cover and continue printing.