How to Replace a Time Warner Remote

by Tatyana Ivanov

Time Warner cable provides digital cable and high-speed Internet for consumers across the country. Cable packages with Time Warner include DVR options, HDTV, programming and On Demand options. Time Warner cable boxes come complete with their own remotes which can be programmed to operate your television and other audio-visual components. If your remote control is lost or broken, you can order a replacement remote from Time Warner.


Locate the Time Warner office closest to you via the Time Warner website listed in the References section below. Contact them and let them know that you need a new remote.


Choose the Time Warner remote that suits your needs and is available in your area. For instance, if you have a DVR, choose a remote that has DVR options.


Order the remote via the Time Warner website or call the customer service number listed on the website to place the order with an operator.


Program the remote to your TV and cable box after you received it. Follow the directions included in the remote packaging.

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