How to Replace a SafeLink TracFone

by Ken Burnside
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SafeLink Wireless is a government-subsidized prepaid telephone service for low-income households. The SafeLink service is operated as a subdivision of TracPhone and offers a fixed number of minutes that replenish each month. If your phone breaks or is stolen, you can take steps to get a replacement phone and to get the old phone deactivated if it was stolen.

Step 1

Dial 1-800-378-1684 and contact a customer service representative. Report the last day you used the phone. Give a detailed description of where you may have been when you lost the phone or how you think it was stolen. This helps track the phone through its GPS systems and possibly aid in its recovery.

Step 2

Give the customer service representative your account information, which includes the serial number that is on the activation card that came with your phone. If you lack the serial number, the agent will work from the phone number on your phone.

Step 3

Ask to retain your existing number on your replacement phone. If your old phone no longer works but is still in your possession, you may be asked to turn it in at a local office before they'll send you a replacement. When you're done with the phone call, the SafeLink representative sends you an email with a confirmation number.

Check your replacement phone when it arrives for all components -- battery, phone, charger, SIM card and activation card. Call the number on the card and activate the phone with SafeLink. You'll be asked to give the serial number and a code on the back of the SIM card as part of this process.


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