How to Replace Peltor 6S Batteries

By Philip Dozal

The Peltor Tactical 6S Active Volume Hearing Headphones are mainly used by hunters, military and police personnel for noise reduction and canceling capabilities. The average battery lifespan of the Peltor Tactical 6S is around 200 hours. However, accessing the batteries on a Peltor Tactical 6S can be challenging and since batteries are not included it can be frustrating for first-time user.

Step 1

Firmly place one hand on the left side of the outer ear cuff. Using your other hand, place your fingers beneath the black rubber ridge of the left inner ear cuff.

Step 2

Press your knuckles against the protective gray foam, located in the center of the left inner ear cuff. With your fingers, firmly pull in an outward motion to remove the inner left ear cuff.

Step 3

The battery casing is located beneath where you removed the inner ear cuff. Remove the old batteries and replace. Firmly press, in an inward motion, the left inner ear cuff. Work your fingers around the black rubber ridge to snap the ear cuff back in.