How to Replace a Dish Network Receiver & Remote Control

By Greyson Ferguson

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If you receive satellite TV service from Dish Network, then you have at least one satellite receiver installed in your home. However, there may come a time when the receiver begin to fail. This can be the result of wear and tear, or even a short during an electrical storm. Whatever the reason, it is possible to replace a Dish Network receiver and remote control with new ones.

Step 1

Contact Disk Network and report the problem you are having. A customer service employee is going to tell you that a new receiver and remote control is ready for you. It is then up to you to decide whether you would rather have a service technician stop by and install the receiver or pick one up from a nearby facility and install it yourself. Typically a service technician isn't going to stop by for several days, so if a facility is nearby and you want your service up and running again quickly, it is beneficial for you to pick up the replacement device and remote.

Step 2

Unscrew the cable running from the satellite to the receiver.

Step 3

Look at how the television connects to the Dish Network receiver. Depending on what kind of television you have, it may be a coaxial cable (connected to the "Out" port); an RCA cable ("Video Out"); or, if you have a high-definition television and receiver, component or High-Definition Multimedia Interface ("Component Out" or "HDMI"). Remove the cables from the back of the receiver but leave them plugged into the television.

Step 4

Go to the facility to pick up your replacement receiver and remote control. The facility is going to have your service order on record and replacement parts should be ready for you.

Step 5

Bring the replacement parts back. Connect the cables to the appropriate ports and power on the television and Dish Network receiver. The receiver is going to perform a satellite signal scan. Once it is complete, you are set to resume your television viewing.