How to Replace a Lost Sprint Cell Phone

By Kay Ireland

Replace a Lost Sprint Cell Phone

It is always a pain when you lose something as important as a cell phone. Cell phones are lost constantly and never returned, whether due to dishonest people who find them or the phones simply being too lost to find. Replacing a lost Sprint cell phone is fairly easy, although it can take some time and a few phone calls on your part.

Call Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727.

Indicate that you've lost your cell phone and need to have service to your old phone stopped immediately.

Inquire about phone insurance and whether your phone insurance policy covers the loss of a phone.

If you are covered, ask about the amount that a credit will be issued to you for. You can then use the credit to purchase a new phone at any Sprint store or dealer.

If you are not covered, ask about what you can do to purchase a new phone. Go to a Sprint retailer and check out the new phones that are available for purchase. You can even purchase a phone online or in retail stores: just make sure that the phones are compatible with your Sprint contract by asking an associate.

Bring your new phone to a Sprint dealer and have them configure it and put it on your old cell phone plan for uninterrupted service.