How to Replace the Battery in Your iPod

by Jennifer Habersham

After anywhere between several months and a few years of use, you will notice that your iPod battery is losing its charge capabilities. What once held 11 hours of battery life, now only holds an hour or less. When this happens, it is time to replace the iPod's battery. You can take the iPod to the store you purchased it from or send it to Apple, which will charge you a little over $100 to replace the battery. Thankfully, you can replace the battery with nothing more than a butter knife and a replacement battery.

Place the nonserrated edge of the butter knife in the small space between the metal backing and the plastic front of the iPod. Gently push in and lift up. Run the butter knife around the iPod.

Lift the metal backing gently and push in the tabs that hold the backing to the front. The tabs are located on the sides of the iPod. Open the iPod like a book. There is a wire that connects the two pieces. Be careful not to rip the wire.

Remove the hard drive by pulling out the long cable and lifting the hard drive up. The hard drive is the rectangular metal box you first notice when opening the iPod.

Gently insert the tip of the butter knife under the corner of the battery. Lift up gently. Set the butter knife aside and pick the battery up with your fingers.

Disconnect the wires that run from the battery to the circuit board by gently pulling on them. Discard the old battery.

Attach the new battery to the circuit board. Each battery comes with its own set of wires. Once attached, place the battery back in its holding place and press down.

Reattached the hard drive cable. Squeeze the metal backing and the front of the iPod together. Press firmly to reattach. Charge the iPod.


  • check A small flathead screwdriver or a guitar pick will work in place of the butter knife.


  • close Whenever trying to repair electronics, you run the risk of hurting yourself or damaging your equipment.

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