How to Replace Ink Cartridges on a Canon Printer

By Harvey Spector

Though replacing ink cartridges on a Canon printer is not a difficult procedure, it does need to be done properly to avoid running into problems or damaging your printer.

What You’ll Need

Purchase new ink cartridges from an office supply store or online retailer after identifying the type of ink cartridge you need. Check your owner’s manual to identify which types of ink cartridges your device uses or search online for compatible cartridges for your particular printer. In addition to working with cartridges made by Canon, most printers work with cartridges made by third-party manufacturers.

Removing the Old Cartridge

Start by putting a cloth or paper down in front of the printer to catch any ink that spills. With the printer on, open the front panel of the printer.


If you attempt to complete this process with the printer off, you may damage the printer by attempting to manually move the cartridge.

The front panel should lift up easily and hold in place. After a few seconds, the ink cartridge slides over, making it accessible. When it stops moving, you will see a small lever that you can lift to release the cartridges. The lever is located just to the left or the right of the actual ink cartridge. With the lever lifted, firmly grab the old cartridge and slide it out of its holder.


Old inkjet cartridges can be reused or recycled. If you wish to do either of these, set the cartridge aside for later.

Installing the New Cartridge

Remove the new cartridge from its packaging. Look on the bottom of the cartridge for a small plastic cap or piece of tape against the cartridge, and carefully remove it. Slide the cartridge into the printer with the label facing out. It should slide easily into place. Next, push the lever back down to lock it into place and close the cover of the printer.

Testing the New Cartridge

Depending on the model of the printer, it will either begin a self-test on its own or it will prompt you to test it on your computer. This test typically only takes minutes, and the device may or may not attempt to print a trial sheet. When this is complete, you can use your printer as usual.