How to Replace HP Computer Batteries

by T.M. Wit

Batteries are some of the top wear items for your HP laptop computer. Your laptop's battery is what powers your computer when it is not plugged directly into a power source. Laptop batteries will eventually begin to lose their ability to hold a charge over time. When you notice that your laptop battery is holding a charge for progressively less time, it tells you that it needs to be replaced. With a few simple materials and several easy to follow instructions, you will be able to change your HP computer battery on your own.

Removing the old battery

Power down your HP laptop and make sure it is unplugged from the wall.

Turn the laptop over, so it's bottom is facing you, and locate the chamber that holds the battery. The battery chamber will usually be marked with a standard battery symbol. If you are having trouble locating the battery chamber, open your instructions manual and find the location of your battery.

Your battery will either have a latch you must open with your fingers, or several small screws which hold it in place. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the case, or open it with your hands. Once the chamber is open, remove the old battery and set it aside.

Inserting your new battery

Remove your new battery from it's packaging.

Examine your laptop, and note the location of the power contacts. Make sure your new battery is aligned properly, and insert it into your HP laptop.

Replace your battery case and plug your laptop in to the wall. Allow your new battery to charge for four to six hours before use.


  • check In order to preserve battery life, make sure your laptop is kept at a room temperature environment at all times. Exposure to intense heat and cold will shorten your battery's lifespan and require more frequent battery replacements.


  • close When purchasing your new battery, make sure to note the voltage requirements for your PC. If your computer's battery is underpowered, it could have adverse affects, such as your computer randomly turning off and decreased battery life.

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