How to Replace a Fuse on a Sanyo TV

By Greyson Ferguson

A television requires an inserted fuse to function properly.
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Most tube-based televisions, such as Sanyo branded TVs, have some sort of fuse installed. The fuse directs the amount of power toward the rest of the television, ensuring nothing receives too much electricity. If the fuse is damaged, the television is not going to power on, rendering it useless. To correct the problem, replace the fuse on your Sanyo TV.

Unplug the Sanyo television from its electrical outlet.

Check your user manual for the exact fuse type required for replacement. There are a variety of options required by the different sizes of Sanyo television sets.

Open the fuse compartment box on the back side of the Sanyo TV, located next to the input connection ports. Depending on the model you have, either it just pulls open (like a standard battery compartment) or you must remove the Phillips screws from the compartment door.

Pull the damaged fuse out; it slides out without much effort. Once released, insert the replacement fuse.

Close the fuse compartment door and power the Sanyo television back on.