How to Replace the Fan in a Dell GX620 CPU

by Carl Pruit

The fan on the Dell GX620 computer is designed to pull the heat away from the central processing unit (CPU) to keep the processor cooled down so it can work properly. If the fan wears out or gets damaged, it can cause the system to slow down or overheat, creating more problems for the computer. The GX620 fan is attached to the motherboard with plastic clips and is secured with locking levers on the sides.

Step 1

Turn the power switch off for the Dell GX620 desktop computer before attempting to replace the CPU fan. Unplug the power cord from both the electrical outlet and the back of the power supply on the computer case.

Step 2

Unfasten the screws from the back of the computer case that secures the cover to the case with a screwdriver and set the screws out of the way. Take the cover off the case and unplug the heat sink fan assembly electrical wire connector from the motherboard.

Step 3

Lift the locking levers up on the sides of the heat sink fan assembly and unfasten the plastic clips that secure the fan assembly to the motherboard. Detach the heat sink fan assembly from the motherboard by pulling the assembly straight up carefully and setting it aside.

Step 4

Apply a drop of thermal compound to the top of the CPU chip with a syringe and attach the new heat sink fan assembly to the motherboard over the top of the CPU chip. Verify that the plastic tabs lock into place and secure the locking levers on the sides of the heat sink fan assembly.

Plug the heat sink fan assembly electrical wire connector into the motherboard and secure the computer cover to the case with screws. Connect the power cord into the back of the power supply and plug the cord into the electrical outlet.


  • Never attempt to replace the fan in the Dell GX620 while the computer is running or the power cord is plugged into the electrical outlet.


  • To avoid damaging the Dell computer components, always ground the tools to an exterior metal surface before using them on the computer parts.


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