How to Replace a DVR Remote With Cox

By Patrick Nelson

Turn on the device that you would like to control.
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If you've lost or broken your Cox DVR remote control, you will need to order a new one from Cox. The new Cox remote will operate the Cox DVR, because it's preset to the DVR's code. However, if you have other equipment you ordinarily control with the Cox DVR remote, like a television, you will have to reprogram the remote so that it functions with the television manufacturer's codes.

Step 1

Order the new remote control by calling the Cox phone support number that's listed on the Cox website. Insert the batteries and test the remote control by selecting the "TV" button and pressing the "Power" button. The remote will work with some RCA, Toshiba and Panasonic equipment as is. If the television comes on, the remote is programmed for your television. If it doesn't, you will have to program the remote.

Step 2

Turn on the device that you would like to control, for example, a television. Then press the "Mode" button and choose the mode. Options include "TV," "DVD" and more. The selected Mode button will flash once.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Setup" button until the "Mode" button flashes twice. Refer to the manufacturer's codes on the Cox website to find the code. Then enter the first code with the number buttons. The Mode button will flash twice to indicate that the Cox DVR remote is programmed.

Step 4

Test the remote by trying the Power button on the television or other device. If it doesn't work, try the second code for the manufacturer by following the previous step. Then test again.