How to Replace the Hard Drive in a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

By TamaraM

The Toshiba Satellite laptop computer, like most other laptop computers, has the ability to have its hard drive removed and replaced with a new one. This is great for situations where the hard drive is damaged or non-responsive and you need to replace it in order to get your laptop to work again.

Turn your laptop computer off and unplug it from any cables that are attached to it. Remove the battery from the computer as well and then flip the computer upside down and lay it on a soft, flat surface.

Remove the screw from the panel next to the bay where the battery goes. Lift off this panel to expose the hard drive.

Remove the hard drive from the laptop computer. If the hard drive is encased in a metal cage, you will need to remove both the hard drive and the cage at the same time. As you remove the drive, disconnect it from the data and power cables that connect it to the computer.

Remove the hard drive from its metal cage and put your new hard drive into the metal enclosure. Reconnect the hard drive to the power and data cables in the laptop and slide it back into position.

Replace the panel covering the laptop's hard drive, screw it on securely and then plug in the laptop's cords and battery back.