How to Replace a Charger Port on a Mobile Phone

By Ezekiel James

Replace your mobile phone's charging port.
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Your mobile phone's charging port is the connector on the bottom of your device where your battery charger connects. In some mobile phones, the charger port also doubles as the data port, which lets you transfer data to and from a personal computer. Repeated connecting and disconnecting of your charger can cause your charging port to wear out. In many cases this results in a poor or faulty connection to your phone's charger. Replacing the charging port requires that you completely dismantle the phone.

Step 1

Turn off your phone and place it face down on a flat surface. Remove the back battery cover, then remove the battery from its compartment inside the phone.

Step 2

Remove all screws from the phone's back casing. Most mobile phones are held together with Torx screws, but many phones also use Phillips-head screws. Insert a credit card or similar tool into the gap along the outside edge of the phone's housing. Use the credit card to pry the back housing from the phone.

Step 3

Unplug the ribbon cable extending from the bottom of the phone to the main circuit board. Use the credit card to pry off the charging port's plastic cover.

Step 4

Loosen the screws fastening the charging port in place. Slide the port assembly out of its compartment in the bottom of the phone.

Step 5

Reverse this procedure to install the new port.