How to Replace an Ink Cartridge in a Canon Inkjet Printer

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It's important to become familiar with changing the ink cartridges in your printer. It may take a little practice, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. Follow the steps below to replace the ink cartridge in a Canon inkjet printer.

Step 1

Select the ink cartridge specific to your printer. Canon inks are versatile, so your selection may be as simple as choosing between black, color or a multi-pack with black and color cartridges.

Step 2

Turn on your Canon printer. The switch is generally located on the top right hand side of the printer. Open the printer's lid.

Step 3

Wait a moment. The cartridge carrier will automatically disengage.

Step 4

Put your hand behind the existing ink cartridge and pull the cartridge towards you until it pops out. Dispose of or recycle the used cartridge.

Step 5

Carefully pull the tape off the new cartridge.

Step 6

Position the new cartridge into the cartridge carrier. Make sure it is facing the correct position.

Step 7

Press the cartridge carrier gently until it clicks into place. Some cartridges have indicators to demonstrate that they are properly positioned.

Close the printer's lid. Print a test page to ensure everything is working properly.


  • Always use Canon ink cartridges to ensure quality.
  • Keep backup ink cartridges on hand to avoid a last-minute trip to the store.


  • Be careful not to bump the paper adjustment lever when installing the new cartridge.

Items you will need

  • New ink cartridge
  • Canon inkjet printer

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