How to Replace a Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge

By Tara Kimball

When the ink runs low on your Canon PIXMA printer, you can replace the cartridges and recycle the old ones. Many retailers will accept the empty cartridges for a discount. The Canon PIXMA uses PG-40 black ink cartridges and CL-41 color ink cartridges. Buy ink cartridges from office supply stores and computer equipment retailers. There is no need to call a computer technician when the ink needs replacing. Change the cartridges yourself in minutes at home.

Turn on the power to your Canon PIXMA printer. Raise the scanner bed to expose the printer cartridge carrier.

Push down on the cartridge to release it from the carrier. Pull the cartridge straight out.

Pull the protective tape from the new ink cartridge. Insert the cartridge just slightly at an angle and push it in until it clicks into place.

Close the scanner bed and wait for the cartridge carrier to return to the resting position.