How to Replace the Battery in a Motorola Phone

by James B. Jones
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Motorola creates a wide variety of cell phones for almost every major cell phone carrier in North America, as well as many others across the world. Although the individual phone models vary, one universal aspect of their design is the easy removal of the phone battery, for replacement or to access your SIM card or MicroSD memory card. Removing the battery in a Motorola phone and inserting a replacement is quite easy and only takes a few seconds.

Step 1

Power down your Motorola phone if it is not turned off already. This is done to ensure that you do not corrupt any software on the phone or accidentally reset the device.

Step 2

Press down on the back plate with your thumb and slide upwards. You will need to use some force to pop the door open. Once it pops, slide the plate up and lift it from the phone, revealing the battery.

Step 3

Pull the small white tab toward you slowly until the battery pops out of its set place. If you do not have a white pull tab, lift the battery out of its placement from one of the corners nearest the bottom of the phone.

Step 4

Align the new battery with the battery contacts inside the phone and insert the battery.

Slide the battery cover back onto the phone and turn the phone on to complete the process.


  • Failure to insert the battery properly can physically damage the battery and your phone.


  • If you are going on a prolonged trip that will have you away from a charging station, such as a bus ride, it is always wise to have an extra battery at all times.


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