How to Replace the Battery on a Dell Inspiron

By Jason Artman

A laptop battery generally lasts between one and two years before it is no longer able to store a sufficient charge to power the computer. If you have had your Dell Inspiron for a couple of years, it is likely that you are now finding you need to visit a power outlet more often as you use your computer--or perhaps are no longer able to use the computer without being connected to a wall outlet.

Step 1

Purchase a replacement battery for your Inspiron if you haven't already. Dell Inspiron batteries can be ordered directly from Dell, or from third-party sources such as auction websites. Be aware that the batteries available on auction websites often do not carry the Dell brand name. Although these batteries should be expected to perform as well as original Dell batteries, Dell will not support any issues that arise during their use.

Step 2

Shut the computer down. Close the screen and turn the computer over so that the bottom side faces up.

Step 3

Locate the battery pack on the bottom of the Inspiron. Many Dell Inspiron batteries have a small button next to a series of light-emitting diodes. When the button is pushed, the LEDs display the current charge level of the battery. If you are unable to identify the battery this way, look for the largest plastic component with seams around it, indicating that it can be removed. The battery has a release tab or switch nearby.

Step 4

Push and hold the release tab or switch to disengage the battery lock.

Step 5

Slide the battery out of the body of the computer, or, if all four sides of the battery are hidden within the computer, use the plastic lip on the side of the battery to lift it out of the computer.

Push the replacement battery into the compartment until it snaps in place.