How to Replace a Battery on a Creative Zen MP3

By James Clark

Replacing a Creative Zen MP3 battery takes only a few minutes.
i mp3 hand image by giovanni cardinali from

The Creative Zen MP3 personal audio player runs on a rechargeable, replaceable Lithium-ion battery pack. The battery can weaken over time and lose its ability to hold a charge, eventually requiring a replacement. Unlike some MP3 players, the Creative Zen is designed for quick battery change-out with a slide-ff back panel, so the owner will be listening to tunes within a few minutes of removing the old battery and popping in a replacement.

Turn off the Creative Zen MP3 by pressing and holding the "Off" button until the unit shuts down.

Slide off the back cover by pressing down lightly and pushing the cover toward the bottom of the unit.

Lift the battery pack out of the compartment from the bottom, then follow the two attached wires to a plastic plug in the power socket inside the battery compartment.

Use a thumbnail and fingernail to grip the edges of the plug, then pull straight out of the socket.

Insert the plug connected to the wires on the new barttery pack into the socket inside the MP3 player. The plug inserts in one direction only.

Place the top edge of the battery pack into the upper end of the battery compartment and snap the battery pack into place.

Replace the cover and charge the Creative Zen MP3 if the replacement battery is not already charged.