How to Replace the Ballast in a Samsung DLP

by Joseph Eitel

A television's ballast is a device connected to the lamp that provides an electric current, keeping the lamp operational. If you have a new lamp that isn't working properly, then you will more than likely need to replace the ballast. Replacing your television's ballast is less challenging than working with other parts of a Samsung television, and is something that you should be able to do yourself.

Step 1

Remove the back panel of your Samsung DLP television, and then remove the lamp.

Step 2

Carefully unscrew the cover sensor switch, which should be located near the bottom-right side.

Step 3

Remove the two screws holding the lamp connector in place and slide it out.

Step 4

Remove the screws holding the inside unit of the television in place, and very carefully ease the right side out, allowing access to the ballast.

Step 5

Unscrew the circuit board, remove the two cables going to the existing ballast and replace it with the new ballast in the same fashion.

Step 6

Put the inside unit of the television back in place and screw it in.

Step 7

Reattach the cover sensor switch.

Reinstall the lamp and screw the back panel of the television back into position.


  • Always be sure that your television is unplugged before removing the back panel.
  • Take extra caution when working on the television's ballast, and never touch any of the electronics within the device.


  • Before replacing your ballast be sure that the problem with your television is not simply a faulty lamp.
  • The ballast will always be located on top of a large cooling fan.
  • To access the ballast you will not need to remove any wires or cables.
  • It is best to place all screws that you remove on a flat surface in the same pattern that they were removed from so as not to lose any and to remember where each screw goes.


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