How to Repair a Hitachi LCD TV That Shows Red Shadows

By Greyson Ferguson

Fix the image on your LCD TV
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The picture on any LCD TV (including Hitachi televisions) is made up of three color pallets: green, red and blue. When a television begins to fail, one of the three colors either begins to die out, or take over the screen. If you have a Hitachi LCD TV and red shadows are beginning to appear on the screen, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

Step 1

Power down your Hitachi television and leave the power off for a few minutes. Sometimes simply leaving the television off for an extended period of time can correct the red shadow issue.

Step 2

Check cable connections running into the LCD TV. If the cables running into the TV from an outside source (such as a blu-ray player or cable receiver) aren't completely inserted into the ports on the television, you can experience reduced picture quality. Look at every single cable that connects to the Hitachi LCD and push the cables completely into the television audio/video ports.

Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on the Hitachi LCD's remote control, then select "Picture." Scroll through the options and select the "Hue." This controls the red and green of the image. Press the right directional arrow to increase the amount of green in the picture (and lower the amount of red in the image).

Step 4

Move down to the "Advanced Options" and select "White Balance." When the white balance option appears, select the "Red" white balance and move it down to the lowest level. This reduces the amount of red in any particular shot and can correct your red shadow issues.