How to Repair a Stealth Cam Camera

by Nina Nixon

On occasion, your Stealth Cam scouting camera may not turn on. The flash may also not go off when taking nighttime pictures at times. The shooting distance and operating environment temperate must be within the camera's limitations. Its resolution setting must be high enough to take clear pictures, too. Take a few moments to verify these and a few other things, as doing so may lead to the quickest resolution.

Power and Operating Temperature

Step 1

Confirm that the 8 D batteries are installed with the correct polarity if the camera doesn't turn on. Set the camera's "Power" switch to "Off. The "+" and "-" symbols should match the battery compartment layout. When finished, set the camera's "Power" switch to "On."

Step 2

Replace the all D batteries if your Stealth Cam still doesn't turn on. Set the camera's "Power" switch to "Off." Replace the 4 batteries in the top part of the battery compartment first to avoid losing the date and time data; replace the bottom 4 batteries last. When finished, set the camera's "Power" switch to "On."

Check that the camera is operated in an environment between 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-condensing, relative humidity should fall between minus 20 degrees to 85 percent.

Manual Shooting

Step 1

Set the "Power" toggle switch to "Test."

Step 2

After you hear two beeps, aim the camera in the same direction as the image you want to shoot.

Press the "Shutter" button one time. You should hear two fast beeps and the LCD counter should also update its image memory count to indicate a successful shot.

Nighttime Shooting and Coverage Area

Step 1

Confirm that you allowed the flash to charge about 7 seconds between taking nighttime pictures, if images aren't being taken.

Step 2

Charge the battery until it is fully charged, as the flash charging time is delayed even longer for nighttime shooting when weak batteries are installed.

Confirm the "PIR" setting is correct if images aren't being displayed. Set the "PIR" dial to "Near" to cover a passive infrared sensor coverage area up to 15 feet; set the "PIR" dial to "Far" to cover areas from 15.1 to 30 feet away.

Resolution Settings

Step 1

Check the Resolution setting if the pictures turn out fuzzy. Set the "Power" switch to "Test."

Step 2

After you hear the second beep, press the "Menu" button. Press the "Up/Down" buttons and select "Resolution."

Step 3

Press the "Left/Right" button and select "2048 x 1536" for high image resolution. Alternatively, select "1024 x 768" for low image resolution, or "320 x 240" for video resolution. Note that three star icons displayed on the LCD indicates fine quality resolution; two stars indicate normal quality, and 1 star indicates low quality.

Press "OK" to accept the new setting. The Resolution icon stops flashing to indicate that the new setting was accepted.


  • The Stealth Cam digital camera is not compatible with a Mac OS.


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