How to Repair Windows Start Up in Debugging Mode

By Garrett Genet

Debugging mode for Windows is a way for system administrators to determine system problems by creating system breaks, and directly looking at kernel information. While debugging mode is not necessary to repair startup problems, it does disable some drivers, which could be causing problems when the system starts up. Navigating in debugging mode is nearly identical to normal Windows operation and you can access the same startup tools to fix your issues.

Restart your computer.

Press "F8" on your keyboard when you see the list of operating systems.

Select "Debugging Mode" using the arrow keys, and press "Enter."

Log in to an administrative account once Windows finishes booting.

Open your "Start" menu, and click "Run."

Type "msconfig," and press "Enter."

Select the "Startup" tab. Here you will see all the services that automatically start with Windows. Uncheck the services that you suspect are causing a problem. If you're not sure, select "Disable all," then click "OK" to save your settings.

Use these steps to enable each service one by one until you discover the one causing the problem.