How to Repair a Sony TV

by Jackie Lohrey

The Sony Corporation enjoys a reputation for producing easy to operate, quality televisions. A feature of Sony televisions relates to troubleshooting and repair of minor problems. Sony provides for easy diagnosis of minor problems and many are simple,straightforward fixes that do not require a trip to a television repair shop.

Speaker Problems: No Sound/Low Sound


Turn up the speaker volume on the television and/or cable or satellite set-top box.


Check if the "mute' button in the front control panel is in the "on" position.


Make sure headphones are unplugged from the television.


Be sure the MTS audio protocol of the television is set to "Main" or "Stereo." To access the MTS settings, press "Display" on the remote to access the setup screen, and press the "forward" button until you reach MTS settings.

Picture Problems: Grainy Picture/No Signal Message/Blank Screen


Turn off any electrical or battery-operated appliances that may be disrupting your television signal. Microwaves, vacuum cleaners and fluorescent lights are major contributors to signal interference and can cause a static-ridden screen.


Turn on another TV in the house to see if the problem is with your cable service.


Check cable connections to auxiliary equipment such as a DVD player, digital video recorder, or cable/satellite box and make sure they are secure and tight. Be aware that the type of cable connectors you use can affect picture quality. Cables included as part of the original purchase are not always of the highest quality. Check your manual for cable recommendations based on your model and consider replacement.


If the television connects to a set-top cable or satellite box make sure the box is turned on and the television is set to channel 3 or 4. Failure to do this will result in a blank, blue screen.


Check the TV/Video button using your remote control and make sure the setting is correct. Forgetting to turn the television back to the TV mode after viewing a DVD will result in a "No Signal" message on your screen.

Miscellaneous Problems


If your television is a high-definition model, viewing a standard-definition video can result in vertical bars appearing on the left and right, top and bottom, or around all sides of the screen. Use your remote control to access the setup screen and set the television to "Zoom" or "Wide" mode.


If an undetermined problem occurs with your television, the standby light will come on and the television will not display a picture. Turn off and unplug the television, wait one minute, then plug it in and turn it on. If this does not solve the problem, do not attempt further repairs. Your TV will require professional servicing.


If the television will not turn on, first check the batteries in the remote control and replace if necessary. Unplug the television and plug it into a different outlet to determine if the outlet is faulty. Finally, unplug the television, wait 30 seconds, plug it in and turn it on. If the TV still will not power on, it will require a service call.


  • If you run into problems you cannot diagnose, have difficulty completing any of the troubleshooting/repair techniques or just want to ask a question, call the Sony Helpline at (800) 222-7669.
  • Commercial cleaning kits are available but not necessary for cleaning your TV screen. Use a slightly damp, soft cloth to clean and immediately dry with a second soft cloth.


  • Never disassemble your television when attempting repairs. You will void the warranty and expose yourself to electrical shock hazards.
  • Do not attempt repairs beyond your skill level. If these troubleshooting techniques do not work, either contact Sony or take your television in for professional repair.

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