How to Repair a Samsung Cellular Phone

by Angela Reinholz

Repairing your Samsung cell phone will cost less than having to buy a new phone. Sometimes all you need is a simple fix such as changing your battery or your SIM card, in your Samsung phone, while other times you need to fix the keyboard or LCD screen. You can purchase these items for your phone for a low price from online retailers or from cell-phone dealers that specialize in fixing cell phones.

Replace the Battery in your Samsung Phone

Turn off your Samsung cell phone by pressing the power button and wait until your cell phone is completely powered down.

Locate the battery cover on the back of your Samsung phone.

Press down and out on the battery cover, and remove the cover from the Samsung phone.

Remove the old battery from your Samsung phone and place the new battery in its spot. If your phone is not working properly, the first thing to try is replacing the battery to see if the battery is causing the problem.

Replace the battery cover and listen for the snap when you push it into place. The snapping sound indicates that the battery cover is on properly.

Put a New SIM Card in Your Samsung Phone

Locate your SIM card in your Samsung Phone. The Sim card will either be located on the side of your phone in a small slot, or in the back of your Samsung phone along with the battery.

Remove the old Sim card from the Samsung and set it aside.

Place the new SIM card in the same spot as the old card was, with the metal part facing down. Replacing the SIM card on your Samsung cell phone will repair any memory problems that your cell phone is having.

Replace the Key Pad and the LCD Screen of your Samsung Cell Phone

Place your Samsung phone face down so that the back side is facing up towards you.

Remove the cover where the battery is held and set it aside.

Remove the battery of the Samsung cell phone and the SIM card and set these two items aside.

Remove all the screws from the back of the Samsung cell phone. This will require a small Phillips screwdriver.

Use the flat plastic card to work the case of the Samsung phone open. Once the case starts to open, you can also use your flat-head screwdriver to open the case. Place the two sides of the phone side by side when the case is open.

Use your fingers to carefully disconnect the cord that connects the LCD screen to your Samsung phone.

Use your fingers to carefully take apart the cord that connects the keyboard to your Samsung case.

Remove the LCD screen from your Samsung and replace it with a new LCD screen. Use your fingers to plug the cord into the new screen.

Take out the old keyboard from your Samsung and replace it with the new one.

Plug the cord that connects the keyboard and the Samsung back in.

Place the covers back together and press down until you hear them snap into place. Run your fingers along both sides of the case to make sure that it is tightly in place.

Use the Phillips screwdriver to replace the screws in the back of the phone. Place the battery and the SIM card back in their spots and replace the battery cover. Turn on the Samsung cell phone.

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