How to Repair the Registry in Windows Vista

By James Highland

The Windows Registry is an important component to the operating system. This configuration area contains all the primary file and software associations for the entire computer. The Registry also manages security information and ensures that Windows acts as designed. When the Registry becomes corrupt or develops problems, it can destabilize the entire computer and also slow down programs. When the Registry is "cleaned" or repaired many problems can be solved and the overall computer experience is usually improved. Because of the importance of these repairs, there are many options to achieve this. Windows Vista is one of the Windows versions that is easily fixed using Registry repair software.

Download CCleaner if you want one of the computer industry's most popular and easy to use programs for Registry repair. The program is completely free and services Windows Vista. CCleaner is an all-in-solution for improving the performance of a computer. Before you clean the Registry, you can first clean the hard drive, which removes unused cache and temporary files before focusing on the Registry itself.

Then, with a single click, CCleaner scans the entire Registry and reports on any errors it found. With one more click, all the Registry issues are resolved. Because of the complexity of the Registry, fixing one problem may sometimes make it easier for CCleaner to then find additional problems. For this reason, it is advised that the Registry repair be repeated two or three times in succession until no problems are reported.

Install the Free Windows Registry Repair 2.0 software, available from CNET. The CNET downloads are guaranteed to be free of viruses and software, in addition to their recommendation from CNET editors. Free Windows Registry Repair focuses on Registry issues only, and does so in a simple program that is free of charge and supports Vista.

The user interface is designed for the total layman using easy instructions and simple clicks to fix the Registry. Unlike other Registry repair software, this program automatically creates a backup of the Registry each time it is run, in case the changes the program makes cause further problems. The program's publisher recommends that the program be run frequently to keep a computer in optimal condition.

Install the Registry Mechanic program by PC Tools. The software offers a free demo download with some limited functionality. The full version requires a subscription license. Registry Mechanic received a rare 5-star rating from CNET in 2006. This program is designed by one of the industry's leading anti-virus and computer optimization software manufacturers.

PC Tools claims it has been downloaded over 60 million times. The distinguishing characteristic of Registry Mechanic is its highly advanced algorithm used to detect problems with the Registry. The program may find problems that other software ignores. The company offers a money-back guarantee so you may try the software without the burden of a permanent commitment in case it is not what you expected.