How to Repair the Registry in Windows Server 2003

By Jim Campbell

Repair your Windows 2003 registry.
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Windows 2003 provides server services for your network users. The server operating system allows file sharing, print sharing and user permission control. Windows 2003 includes a backup application that saves snapshots of your registry settings. When the registry corrupts, you can restore a backup file and repair the Windows 2003 registry. This can fix problems after you install a software application that creates errors each time you boot the server computer.

Click the Windows 2003 "Start" button and then click "Programs." Click the "Accessories" icon and then click "System Tools." In the list of system tools, click "Backup" to open your backup and restore utility.

Click the "Restore and Manage Media" tab. This tab displays a list of options in the center list box. Click the plus sign next to "My Computer" to view a list of options.

Check the box labeled "System State." In the details window, check the box labeled "Registry" and remove the check marks next to any of the other objects.

Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration of the registry files. This may take several minutes. Click "Restart" when prompted to reboot your computer.