How to Repair a Charger Port for an LG Cell Phone

By Greyson Ferguson

Most cell phones now use a mini-USB conection port to power up the battery.
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Most LC cell phones use a mini-USB connection port to charge the phone. This allows you to not only repower the internal battery but also connect the device to a computer to upload data files, such as music and games, to the phone. If the charger port is not functioning correctly, you will need to troubleshoot the cell phone to figure out what may be causing the problem.

Look over the LG cell phone charger. Check for any tears or other damage to the device. If you see any, the charging problem is most likely with the charger and not the cell phone. Replace the charger and check whether the phone is able to power the battery back up again.

Spray compressed air into the mini-USB port. This expels dust and other debris that clogs the charger port, preventing it from connecting to the charger or USB cable.

Remove the battery from the cell phone, leave it out for a few minutes, then insert the battery back into the phone. Power on the device and wait for the phone to turn on. This performs a hard reset that clears damaged information from the phone and corrects most software issues.

Take your LG cell phone to your wireless service provider. It is possible the battery is dead, in which case you will need a replacement.