How to Repair a PDF File

by Quinn Marshall

A PDF file, like any other computer file, can become corrupted via an application crash, hard system reboot, virus or other malfunctions. The corrupted file cannot be opened by a compatible program without errors. A corrupted PDF file may be repairable using recovery software. If the corrupted file is successfully repaired, compatible PDF software will be able to open it normally. PDF repair software is available online and comes in many varieties, including open source and freeware. Most PDF repair tools are standalone applications, but some are available as plug-ins for other applications.


Open your Web browser and go to PDF Tools (see Resources). Press "Enter" and wait for the website to load.


Click the "Choose File" button. Select the corrupted PDF file in the prompt that appears, then click "Open." Click the button that says "Load PDF."


Select the check box that says "Recover pages" in the next section. Click the button that says "Execute."


Read the text that appears in the next section to make sure all of the data was recovered, then click the "Save as" button to save the pages as a new PDF file.

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