How to Repair a Network Drive Connection

By Jim Campbell

A network drive on your computer is a shortcut or link to a remote computer's folders. Mapping a network drive is a common part of sharing files and programs on a Windows network. If the folder moves or the remote computer's name changes, the shortcut no longer works on your desktop. The quickest way to repair a network drive is to re-map it to the new location.

Click the Windows "Start" button and click "Computer." This opens a list of drives configured on your computer. Right-click the current network drive connection and select "Disconnect." This removes the broken network drive link.

Click the "Map a network drive" button to open the drive mapping wizard. Choose the drive letter from the drop-down box.

Click the "Browse" button and point to the location of the shared computer folder or drive. Click "OK." Check the box labeled "Reconnect at logon" to map the drive each time you boot into your computer.

Click "Finish" to complete the settings. The drive re-maps and you now have a workable link to the network drive's folder.